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Our Experience

Delta draws on decades of experience to provide its clients with knowledge of regulations, as well as practical solutions for overcoming regulatory hurdles.
Below you will find examples of some client projects and types of services. For a more complete list of services we offer, see our Consulting Services page or contact us .


Antimicrobial Additive Provided guidance on permitted claims for antimicrobial additive in office supply products
Antimicrobial Towelette Registered new antimicrobial towelettes for retail and hospital use
Disinfectant for Hospital Use Managed efficacy and other data collection and prepared applications for registration of new hospital disinfectants
Food-Contact Sanitizer Registered products for use on food-contact surfaces
Industrial Biocide Registered new active ingredient and provided ongoing guidance on regulatory requirements for biocides used in industrial processes
Medical Waste Treatment  Prepared applications for amendments to add hospital waste treatment to existing labels. Worked with company to obtain registrations for new medical waste treatment products
Oil & Gas Antimicrobial Prepared new registration and amendment applications for antimicrobial products focused on oil and gas
Pool Products Prepared new registration applications and numerous amendments and notifications for pool products. Worked with company to ensure label regulatory compliance while addressing the needs of the company’s marketing department
Sodium Hypochlorite and Related Compounds Registered numerous standard and nonstandard sodium hypochlorite products and related products
Testing Guidelines, Efficacy, Toxicity, Chemistry Assisted in placing and monitoring efficacy and other studies and responding to changing EPA guidelines
Treated Article  Advised gaming (casino) organization on preparation of marketing materials compliant with the treated article exemption
Treated Article Evaluated treated article exemption, distributor and “repack” registration options for entry into US market
Waste Treatment Registered antimicrobial by-product used in waste treatment operations for a mining company
Water Sanitization Prepared amended label for agricultural use and non-agricultural use of water sanitization systems

Insecticides and Fungicides

Fungicide       Registered fungicidal pads for post-harvest uses on grapes
Injectable Insecticides      Assisted a tree injection company with all aspects of registering and maintaining pesticides
Insecticides and Fungicides Registered insecticides and fungicides for emerging pathogens for an arboriculture client
Pet Products Assisted major pet product company with various aspects of registration activities
Retail Pesticide Products Registered “repack” and new formulated insecticide products

Rodenticides and Animal Repellents

Animal Repellents Worked with clients to register and maintain animal repellent registrations. Assisted with evolving regulatory requirements and EPA concerns
Rodenticides Registered mole products for a rodenticide manufacturer. Worked with gas cartridge registrant on EPA required label changes


Agricultural Biopesticide Assisted with numerous registration and amendment activities for an agricultural biopesticide manufacturer
Microbial Biopesticide Assisted bacteriophage applicant in negotiating data requirements for new active ingredient
Chitosan-based Biopesticide Worked with applicant supported by USDA Rural Business Enterprise Grant

General Registration Activites

Confidential Statement of Formula (CSF) Update CSFs by notification, accelerated amendment, and registration
Distributors Assess the advantages and disadvantages of being a supplemental distributor versus obtaining a repack or other registration
Labels for EPA Submission Prepare master labels in compliance with EPA requirements for amendments, notifications, and new registrations
Labels for Marketplace Review and assist with preparing marketplace labels that comply with EPA requirements and will pass State review
Me-Too Registration Prepare numerous applications for “me-too”  registrations (i.e., registrations substantially similar to existing registered products)
New Active Ingredient Determine data requirements and prepare new active ingredient registrations
New Inert Ingredient Assist clients to gain approval for new inert ingredients not previously contained in EPA-registered pesticides
Transfer of Registration and Data Compensation Apply for transfer of registration and data compensation rights pursuant to sale of product registrations

Registration Review and Reregistration

Registration Review/Reregistration Review and analyze docket documents and advise clients on next steps
Registration Review/Reregistration Task Force Participate in, and represent clients on, Registration Review or Reregistration Task Force in order to respond to generic Data Call- In as a group
90 Day Product-Specific Data Call-in (DCI) Respond to DCI as part of EPA’s Registration Review process. Assist registrants with all aspects including data evaluation and label changes
8 Month Product-Specific DCI Prepare full response to DCI including data, updated labeling and CSF, data matrix and other required documents


Adjuvant Prepare applications for registration of adjuvant products in CA and other states where required
Basic & Supplemental Distributor State Registrations
  • Prepare applications for basic registrants and supplemental distributors nationwide plus in Puerto Rico
  • Prepare and submit notifications and amendments to states for marketplace label changes
  • Prepare a variety of state assessment reports as needed
  • Prepare renewal applications
  • Review marketplace labels for compliance
California Registrations
  • Prepare applications for California registrations, amendments, and notifications for basic registrants and supplemental distributors
  • Register insecticides and fungicides requiring efficacy data support in California not required by EPA. Compile public literature and other information for successful California registration
  • Work through California-specific issues
  • Assist California registrants in understanding the state’s mill tax requirements (also currently notify over 40 clients of quarterly due dates for filing California’s mill tax forms)
Devices Assist clients in evaluating whether product qualifies as an EPA regulated device. Assist clients with registration in states where required

Supporting Academic Institution Technology Transfer

Regulatory Liability Assessment              Created report outlining the costs, timelines and other regulatory considerations related to technology developed in academic institution being considered for licensure by the institution’s technology transfer office

Other Services

Agent Act as US representative for international clients in countries including Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, South Africa, South Korea, United Kingdom
Compliance Assist in qualifying vendors for compliance with pesticide regulatory requirements
Data Compensation Liability Estimate compensation liability and resolve compensation disputes
Establishment Reports File annual pesticide establishment reports (currently handle over 45 facilities)
Maintenance Fees Notify clients and submit forms for annual EPA registration maintenance fee payments (currently handle forms for over 40 clients)
Notice of Arrival (NOA) File NOA for incoming pesticide shipments by air and sea and assist with resolving questions raised by EPA regional office reviewers