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NPIRS Registered Data

The National Pesticide Information Retrieval System (NPIRS), available on a subscription basis, is the most extensive source of up-to-date, comprehensive information on registered pesticides and the underlying data supporting each product registration. Although some pesticide registration information is now available “free” through Internet sources, NPIRS remains the only source of certain data critical to registrants considering new products, their competitors’ product strategies, amendments to existing products, and the supporting data necessary to gain new registrations and amendments. For companies that do not routinely need NPIRS access and cannot justify the initial investment of gaining such access and training staff to conduct searches, Delta provides a cost-effective means of gaining access “on demand.” Clients routinely ask us to perform searches to identify:

  • All products containing an active ingredient in specified concentration ranges
  • All sources of registered active ingredients for formulation into end-use products (eligible for formulator’s exemption)
  • Lists of data submitted in support of a product or family of products containing the same active ingredient
  • States in which a pesticide product is registered
  • All products registered for use on a particular site, against a particular pest, or for a particular site/pest combination
  • All products registered by a given company
  • All EPA-listed distributors of a pesticide product

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